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2018 Movies to Recognise the Streets of Budapest

January 10th, 2018

The true residents of Budapest have become really accustomed to cameras, scenery, directors and the presence of famous actors. You can meet them in your favourite cafe, in a good restaurant, at the breakfast lounge or on the street in front of your office. Hollywood is very fond of the Hungarian capital, and this year several films have been added to the cinemas that have been filmed in Budapest, but since then, cameras have been running steadily on the streets of Budapest other movies. Let's see what movies are going to depict the Heroes' Square, the Parisian House, or even the Hungarian Parliament building next year.

1.    Robin Hood: Origins

In the latest Robin Hood procession, many of us had the chance to meet Jamie Foxx (known for Ray, Django Unchained), Jamie Dornan (known for The Fifty Shades of Gray) and Taron Egerton (known for Kingsman). Jamie Foxx has been actively posting photos of Budapest on his own instagram, and has also accepted the invitation for a radio show (Morning Show, Class FM). The film, however some parts were located to Dubrovnik, largely shot in Hungary. The director, Otto Brathurst, is well-known for his TV works, but the producers include Leonardo DiCaprio too. The movie will be aired next spring.

2. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were the favourite celebs of this summer, many of us were lucky to "meet" in the streets of Budapest. The couple who spent quite a few days here even appeared on the Budapest FINA World Aquatics Championship - for the joy of many. In fact, Mila Kunis (currently running the movie Bad Moms Christmas) has been here for a new movie. In District I., Corvin Square, District VIII., and in Paris House the staff shot many scenes. The film is produced by Mid Atlantic, who made the previous repertoire in Hungary, such as the aforementioned Jamie Foxx Robin Hood or the Blade Runner 2049 this year.

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