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100 top quality rental apartments under our property management service for both foreign and domestic owners in Budapest downtown area.

While a number of these apartments have been refurbished and decorated by our in-house design teams, our experience as Budapest’s premier residential development firm allows us to help other owners ensure that their properties are maintained at the highest level possible with our property management service.

We follow a set of strict criteria when taking on new properties,
most of which are in Budapest’s District V, VI and I.
As a result, we can offer our clients an exclusive property management service package,
which includes the following:

  • Securing top-level tenants for apartment(s) mainly through relocation agents
  • Negotiating and reviewing lease contracts on behalf of the owner
  • Preparing rental contracts where necessary
  • Organize rental and utility recharge invoices on behalf of owners
  • Arrange inventory and managing tenant handovers
  • Collection and forwarding of rental income
  • Handling security deposit refunds
  • Preparing quarterly owner’s statements
  • Represent owner at condominium meetings and at public utility offices
  • Monitoring utility meters and invoices
  • Ensuring payment of relevant taxes, fees and duties
  • Securing and managing insurance coverage and handling any necessary claims
  • Promptly handle any maintenance issues, including annual heating/cooling system checks
  • Monitoring and scheduling maintenance issues carried out under warranty
  • Arranging cleaning facilities required by tenant or owner

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