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21st-century Underground Car Park in Budapest

March 9th, 2016

A possible solution for parking problems in downtown

The construction of the underground car park with more than 500 parking spaces on József Nádor Square, one of the most famous squares, was started in March after 10 years of preparation. The surface of the square will also be renewed.

Work area was inaugurated on March 1 but effective earth works can be started only in summer, in August. There will be temporary traffic restrictions imposed during the construction period. Drivers can enter and exit the site from József Attila Street. Purchasing the rights and construction works exceeded 4 billion HUF. The new car park will be open to public in the first quarter of 2018.

Apart from parking spaces these facilities will be available:

  • car wash
  • charging station spaces for electric cars
  • parking space for motorcycles
  • safe and decent bike storage with showers
  • safes and lockers

Considering local needs all above-ground parking spaces will be left. The part of the square used currently by pedestrians will get a new covering. The statue in the centre of the park will be renovated and there will be a new grassy park and two wells.  


(Source: http://www.napi.hu/ingatlan/melygarazs_epul_budapest_egyik_leghiresebb_tere_ala.609460.html)


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