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​27 Percent More Apartments Were Built

November 20th, 2014
The number of the new apartments increased: according to the latest data of KSH 27 percent more apartments were built from January to September 2014 than in last year’s same period. The number of the construction permits also increased, by 30 percent. A total of 5168 new apartments were built from January to September this year.

The Number of New Apartments Increased the Most in Small Towns 
The number of newly-built apartments shows a regional diffusion: 56 percent more apartments were built in smaller towns, 44 percent more in smaller cities and 31 percent more in Budapest; but in cities with county rights 9 percent less property was built. 1474 new apartments were built in Budapest, 245 in Győr and more than 100 in Siófok and Debrecen. On the Northern and the Southern Great Plain and in Northern Hungary fewer apartments were built in these 9 months than in last year’s same period. 

The Number of Construction Permits Also Increased
In the first 9 months of this year 6947 new construction permits were granted; the number of the permits increased regarding every region and every city types. In Győr-Moson-Sopron County 69 percent more permits were granted; the most apartments were built in Győr, Rajka and Sopron.

More Apartments Were Built for Own Use
More apartments were built by private individuals and fewer by economic entities; more for own use and fewer for to be sold later. The average square meterage of the apartments was 102, which number is the same as in last year’ same period.


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