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3 Things to Do if There Was a Break-In

September 29th, 2014

Sometimes when we realize there was a break-in to our homes, we get so nervous we don’t know what to do.

It’s important to remember these 3 steps, because with the help of them we can make it easier for ourselves and for those who can help us.

Call the Police

Call the police as soon as you can. It’s important, because this way it’s easier to catch the burglars, and sometimes you have to wait a lot for the crime scene investigators, especially at night.

Don’t Touch Anything

The more time we spend walking around the house touching things, the harder it gets for the detectives to do their job.

Instead of this try to detect what is missing to be able to make a list of the stolen things that you can give the police.

Call the Owner

As a tenant it’s very important to call the owner at once as well, to make it possible for them to arrive at the scene as soon as they can.

If the tenant doesn’t speak the language, the owner can also help talking to the police.

It’s easier to lessen the damage if the tenant has a renter’s insurance, since usually the owner’s home insurance doesn’t cover the tenant’s valuables.

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