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3 Ways to Transform our Apartment Spectacularly

November 14th, 2019

Many people have a problem with how to renew their rented apartment without damaging them. In this article, we have compiled the best methods.

A new apartment can often feel emotionless and cold in the first few weeks after moving in, whether it's for college rentals or for our new, long-term home. Everyone wants live in a homelike property, but in many cases it depends on the landlord.

Painting and repairs are allowed in some places, while in others the tenant sticks to much stricter rules. We've put together some practical solutions to make your new apartment a home.


The simplest, and perhaps cheapest way to transform a home or room is to completely replace textiles. It is a spectacular solution and influences the mood of the whole apartment. This is especially true for curtains, giving the window a new look for a reasonable price.

Equally important are pillows and bedspreads, blankets and cushions. Rugs are not to be missed, and the patterns and colors of pillows and blankets can be repeated here.

Wall Decoration

In most rental properties you can’t put a nail to the wall, but there are alternatives. One of them is putty glue, which does not damage the wall. You can make a collage or a wall of photos to decorate your apartment. Fabric images can make your blank walls feel cozy, and you can decide whether you want to use it on a small section or across the whole room.

Fairy lights fill the room with warmth and light on dark winter days and even when placed next to the photos and pictures, they look great.

The Power of Plants

Although pets are not preferred by landlords, there is generally no policy against houseplants. A little green will make any apartment feel cozy. Exotic, spectacular plants are worth choosing for a guaranteed jungle feeling. Tall houseplants and room trees are also extremely fashionable these days and often occur in flats.




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