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Breathtaking Houses Where Everyone Would Live

January 19th, 2015
According to the expectations the revival of the real estate market will continue in 2015. 

The below list of some of the most interesting houses of the world can be an inspiration for everyone who is planning to buy or build a house this year. 

Pictures of the houses can be viewed here.

1.      The Mirror House in Bolzano, Italy constitutes of two connected apartments, which can be rented separately as holiday homes. The back side of the house is a huge mirror, behind which a swimming pool was built.

 2.      The exterior of the “Birch House” in Vilnius, Lithuania evokes the pattern of the bark of the tree species. The property built in the northern outskirts of the Lithuanian capital is surrounded by a coniferous forest.

 3.      The interior of the “ice palace” in New York was designed by Los Angeles artist Samara Golden. The surreal interior standing on the fine line between art and architecture is displayed in MoMA/PS1 contemporary art center.

 4.      The roof of an extraordinary house in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil, built in 2014 consists of sliding pergolas, which provide the opportunity for sunbathing anytime.

 5.      The Trubel House in Dielsdorf, Switzerland was built in a vineyard. Its huge glass surfaces provide a great view to the neighborhood. Since only a 5x9 meter area was available for construction, the designers built some parts of the two-story house underground.









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