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​How to get more from your Budapest apartment? - 3 case studies of Tower

October 30th, 2014
Example 1 – Extremely low rent

A newly built apartment in district 8 was rented out way below the market price by another management agency.The rent paid by the current tenant was 40% less compared to the other apartments managed by Tower in the same block.
Tower recently took over the management of the property.As a first step the lease agreement has been modified with the sitting tenant.Tower immediately negotiated 20% rent increase.
In the long run the apartment can be rented out at another 20% higher price.

Example 2 – Legal problems
This 1 bedroom apartment in Gozsdu Court was empty for years since the time of the purchase.Unfortunately the ownership was not arranged properly. The property was unfurnished.
The partner lawyer of Tower clarified the title deed successfully. Tower fully furnished the apartment which was immediately rented out for 3 years.

Example 3 – Recently purchased

The owner recently bought a classical, 2 bedroom apartment in district 7 and planned to rent it  out.Within 1 month, Tower fully furnished the apartment and moved in the first tenant.

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