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Is a skyscraper going to be built at Kopaszi-gát?

July 15th, 2016

István Tarlós, mayor of Budapest explained at a press event earlier that he has seen the visualisation designs of the 120-metres high skyscraper planned to be constructed at Kopaszi-gát; in his personal opinion, the location is suitable for construction, similarly to the intersection of Róbert Károly and Váci Avenues, where, according to latest reports, a 90 metres high office building is planned to be developed – reports Hungarian online news portal Index.

According to the site’s information, Danish architecture studio Adept, the collective responsible for the development, recommended the construction of a 120-metres high building at Kopaszi-gát. The high-rise building’s recommended location is at Dombóvári road, at the exit of the tunnel leading off Infopark. As a possible extension and closure to the embankment, it could easily be seen from the city centre, and it also fits the course of the Danube well. The main function of the building would be office services.

Realista.hu has also reported in detail on the gigantic development project BudaPart earlier. The total cost of Property Market’s project (starting in 2016) could reach 200 billion Forints. The development encompasses the construction of high-quality residential buildings and offices in South Buda, at the banks of the Danube. Danish architecture studio Adept was commissioned to develop the buildings. Plans include the completion of the aforementioned 120-metres high high-rise building.

The project’s flow time is expected to be 8-10 years. Constructions can begin this autumn, following the modification of regulation plans. Out of the total area of 54 acres, the area of construction takes up 23 acres, which means that 550 – 600 000 m2 of real estate properties could be built in the next decade. If nearly half of these are going to be office buildings, 10-15 of them can be erected with an average area of 20-30 000 m2.

(Source: www.realista.hu)


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