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Most Popular Places to Invest in Property

April 10th, 2015
According to the 2015 analysis of property advisor CBRE the below regions and property types are the most popular among investors. 
The most popular region is Western Europe, but other European countries like Hungary and several big Asian cities are also good places for investments.

More Premium Properties Are Needed

Budapest is a good place to invest, regarding the risk/yield rate. Office buildings, logistics properties, properties with a mortgage, private dormitories, entertainment and health care properties and nursing homes are popular among investors. Premium properties are also in demand, but the supply is not sufficient: more newly built luxury apartments are needed.

The UK is the Most Popular Country

Currently the UK is the most popular country: 31 percent of the investors are interested in property here. Spain and Germany are the second most popular with 15 percent. France and Italy are also more popular than before: 10 (formerly 5) percent is interested in the first and 6 (formerly 4) percent in the latter. London is the most popular city (30 percent), which is followed by Madrid (14 percent) and Paris (10 percent). The only Central East European city in the top 10 is Warsaw.

Offices Are Most in Demand

In Hungary properties most in demand are offices (56 percent), hotels (15 percent) and retail units in the city center (13 percent). Experts are optimistic regarding the future as well: 49 percent expects a yield increase; and the value of all transactions is expected to be around EUR 500-900 million.

Source: http://www.ingatlanhirek.hu/hir/Hol-akarnak-penzt-csinalni-a-befektetok/45454/

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