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Over-Touristed Cities have Requested EU Regulations

February 12th, 2020

Comprehensive EU rental housing legislation has been requested by ten major European cities in the European Commission, due to the subverted housing markets due to Airbnb.

Prague has also joined the Western European cities that have taken the initiative to regulate the Airbnb rental market, according to Radio Praha. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Krakow, Munich, Paris and Venice also take part in the initiative.

The cities concerned are lobbying for European regulation at the European Commission, as not only the number of tourists but also the increase in short-term accommodation is growing dynamically, which has led to a shortage of rental housing.

In 15 years, this means 150,000 new settlers, which is a 12 per cent growth and the number of tourists has increased as well. So far, the city leadership has unsuccessfully sought help from the government. They want information about the number of rented rooms, and can even imagine a constitution amendment too, as whole dwellings in the center of Prague have been transformed into hostels.




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