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Public Spaces See Renovation in Each District of Budapest!

April 13th, 2017

More streets and public spaces can be renovated in the Tér_Köz tender by the Municipality of the Hungarian capital. Each district of Budapest could participate in this call of proposals to urban regeneration developments. The results have just been voted by the general assembly of the capital. The aim of the tender was to create public spaces which are open to everyone and can strengthen community life.

„A neat Dabube-bank, renovated public spaces, renewed parks can have a positive impact on tourists’s opinion about Budapest.  ”- wrote Portfolio.hu, a Hungarian economic journal.   The Urbanista blog collected the planned developments from which we have highlighted some.

Batthyány Square

The Municipality of Budavár aims to renovate Batthyány Square. They plan to minimise the bus turn, make the sides of the square for pedestrian-friendly and create more pedestrian walks worthy to the Monuments. Car traffic would be ceased in front of the church; the road would ascend to the level of the pedestrian walk.The ”sunk” Baroque buildings are planned to be set free from the tubs in front of them.


The part Adyliget in district 2 used to be covered by an oak forest long ago, from which many trees have still remained in gardens as well as along the streets. According to a legend it received its name after a famous Hungarian poet, Endre Ady who was fond of having dinner in a nearby Balázs Restaurant in Hűvösvölgy. The Urbanista blog reported that there are a lot of green areas here, however, it lacks parks and play grounds. The new project thereby will help to provide an answer to these needs: with playgrounds, skating parks, picnic spaces, toilets. The sports ground will also be renovated there.

Districts 5

Podmaniczky Square, the surrounding of Arany János Street subway station can also be renewed within the TÉR_KÖZ programme. The trolley-bus turn is planned to disappear, streets around the square will be lifted up to pedestrian level. The square would be transformed into a public space with trees, where events can be organized in the evenings.

Palace Districts

The renovation of the Palace Districts in Józsefváros (district 8) is expected to continue. New streets can get a more attractive outfit from the grant provided by the Köz_Tér program. Public Spaces and residential buildings can be renewed by the biggest town rehabilitation programme called Downtown of Europe Programme, community buildings, start-ups supporting programmes will be priorities as well. The programme is in its 3rd phase this year.

Districts 22

Contributing to the development of Böszörményi Road, front gardens, facades will undergo renovation on the road section affected by the transformation. The space in opposite the Town Hall was renovated in the first phase of the programme, now this would be extended to the whole section of Böszörményi Street between Apor Vilmos Square and Nagyenyed Street.





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