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Think of Underground Lines When Looking for Real Estate

October 17th, 2017

It significantly increases the value of the property if its infrastructure features include a fixed track option, whether it is HÉV, metro or rail line. This is apparent from the latest analysis of FHB, which took stock of the current Housing Index.

The advantages of railway lines are plenty, as they avoid the overcrowded roads, which cause a lot of distraction, unnecessary travel time, stress and costs. Better transport options attract new jobs and make job search easier. The boundaries of Budapest are thus almost extinct, making it easier to introduce the surrounding cities into the circulation of Budapest. Good infrastructure thus has a beneficial impact on the activity of the housing market as well.

In the course of the analysis, the value of the apartments that are not close to the direct rail link and those that are indeed significantly differ. The result: there is a clear correlation between the possibility of using fixed track traffic lines and higher average prices.


Budapest inside

The proximity of subway lines increases the value of properties, whether downtown or suburban locations. If there is an opportunity for metro connection in the immediate vicinity, we can reach almost anywhere within Budapest in foreseeable time, and the differences between districts are blurred in terms of travel time.

Budapest outside

Similarly to the metropolitan connection, suburban railway lines have a price-increasing effect. Today cities of agglomeration are becoming increasingly popular, especially if Budapest is easily accessible by means of rail-bound transport. More and more people are looking for a quiet environment, gardening opportunities, but in the city center there is hardly any possibility. On the 8th line of the suburban railway connections there are many possibilities, and the price difference can be up to 150 euros compared to the ones not having connections to suburban railway lines, which means an average price difference of around 16%.

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