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We Can Bump Into Jason Momoa Anywhere in Budapest

May 28th, 2019

Known from the Aquaman movie and the Game of Thrones series, Jason Momoa has traveled to Budapest for the shooting of the new adaptation of Dune. Hungarian fans have been waiting for his arrival for a long time, and at the beginning of the week his plane landed at Liszt Ferenc Airport. He did not hesitate much before he started to travel around the city.

He started exploring the city, starting at the Basilica, continuing with Matthias Church, walked around Batthyány Square, discovered the Pest side with his friends, and tried the Erzsébet Square Ferris Wheel. On the weekend he had a nice lunch at the Buda Park Restaurant. He did not forget to pose in front of the Parliament or in the restaurant and share the pictures on his Instagram profile.

He considered the famous New York Café "fancy", and in his Insta story, he showed it to all of his fans.

Al Di Meola's performance in Budapest has also made him excited, trying to follow the guitarist's footsteps with several other celebrities.

The actor will be in Budapest for a while and it is clear from his previous Internet activity that he has no plan of ​​staying at the hotel, so fans should walk in the city with open eyes, because they can bump into him at any moment.



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